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Thank you for choosing Animal Hospital and Clinic of Arlington we are a full service hospital and clinic offering preventative medical care, diagnostics, surgical and boarding services. Our staff is here to provide your pet, and you the special care and personal attention that you both deserve.

Whether you are a first time pet owner or an experienced pet lover we welcome you and your pet family member. We look forward to ensuring that you have the education you need to make the best choices for the health and long life of your pet.

Dr. Melad Whaba
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  • Dr. Melad Whaba

    Dr. Melad Whaba graduated in 2003 and got his Bachelor degree of Veterinary medicine from  Cairo University , college of Veterinary Medicine in Egypt  and received a post-graduate diploma in Food Microbiology. Dr. Whaba has been practicing in Europe for 3 years then moved to the USA and graduated from the American Veterinary Medical Association through the ECFVG program in order to practice Veterinary medicine in USA, while he was preparing to get his license, he joined well-known practice in DFW area as an extern to master his small animal medical background. He had been with Banfield Pet Hospital since 2015 and was the chief of staff before he decided to start his own practice. he is passionate about small animal medicine with an emphasis in emergency and soft tissue surgeries. He is married with two boys, two girls and a beautiful orange cat named Peaches.


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